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Work & Co's founding client.


Worked with Tina Brown and Baba Shetty on Newsweek's vision for a digital only responsive magazine.


Created concepts for enhancing the customer experience for the Chase Sapphire card.


Top secret TV project. Something I would love to have in my home.


Worked on the Kick Out Poverty campaign featuring Zinedine Zidane and Didier Drogba.


Worked directly with Tim Armstrong and his most senior staff on a secret project.


Concepts for what could change the game for Diageo: selling spirits direct to consumers.


Mobile strategy and design. Visit Lowe's on your phone please.


Worked with senior staff and presented product concepts to Josh Silverman

XL Group

Best Intranet of 2012 according to Jakob Nielsen's N/N Group.


Work & Co's 1st client in Brazil —


My first project in the US was in Los Angeles for Disney. I lived there for three months.


My baby for 2,5 years. The team navigation I designed became a pattern in Brazil.

Big Brother

Big Brother 5 was 2005's most visited entertainment site in Brazil. I designed it for four intense seasons.


I created usability tests for participants with disabilities to create the ultimate accessible site.

Felipe Memoria


& Co

I'm a Founding Partner at Work & Co, a Product Design and Development firm with offices in Brooklyn, Portland and Rio de Janeiro. Previously I was Partner, User Experience at Huge, where I headed the UX discipline across seven offices worldwide. I'm a digital designer.

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Long bio: I started my career in Brazil where I led design in a team at—the largest media company in Latin America. We did good work at the time, including the creation of the most popular sports site in the country.

While at Globo, I wrote a book about User Experience that ended up becoming very popular with the local design community. It sells pretty well to this day, even though it was written in 2005.

I moved to the US to work at Huge in 2007 when the company was only 60 people. In three years I was made partner. I led the design of some of Huge's most successful projects - including HBO GO, TED Talks, Pepsi Refresh,, and Itaú. I also founded the Rio de Janeiro office, helped Huge expand to Brasília and Portland, and helped grow the offices on the west coast and in Europe.

In 2013 I founded Work & Co with some of the most talented people I know: Joe Stewart, Gene Liebel, Marcelo Eduardo and Mohan Ramwasamy. Our first product shipped was Today we're 11 Partners with the addition of Diego Zambrano, Jon Jackson, Thadeu Morgado, Casey Sheehan, Tiago Luchini and Rachel Bogan.

I have a MS in Usability and HCI and a BS in Visual Design, both from PUC-Rio, where I also taught for two years before moving to the US.

I'm a member of the IADAS and served as judge in several industry competitions including the One Show Interactive.

Personal: I'm Brazilian, American and Portuguese. I was born and raised in Rio de Janeiro. The Memoria family has a tradition in architecture. My great-grandfather, Archimedes Memoria, was the first of them. Everyone else followed in his path. I was fortunate to grow up surrounded by great references.

Today I live and work in DUMBO with my wife and child. I often go to Paris and Rio for business.

For more about me ask around.

Personal projects


New York Office

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  • Brooklyn, NY 11201.
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I almost couldn't believe it when I heard we had been invited to the agency review for TED. It is one of my favorite sites and had long been on the list of things I wanted to re-design one day. Thaniya Keereepart, TED's Product Development Director, was kind enough to write about that whole process.

To me, losing the opportunity to collaborate with TED was unthinkable. So I got deeply involved in the pitch—and I think the work we produced was something special. The final presentation was actually a lot of fun.

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HBO GO is probably the most beloved product I've ever worked on. And it's likely to be the most successful product ever launched by Huge.

Our first project was the iPad app—the tablet version of their streaming service. In parallel, we designed the iPhone and Android versions, and later a prototype for HBO GO on smart TVs.

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For 23 years, Pepsi invested millions of dollars on a 30 second Super Bowl spot. In 2010 and 2011, the company decided to use that money for a different purpose—it would give it away to people with ideas to make the world a better place. It was like a Kickstarter funded by Pepsi, where the most popular ideas win.

The Pepsi Refresh Project was not only a voting platform, but arguably the most successful social media campaign of all time, one that challenged traditional ideas of marketing by becoming a campaign that sustained itself for over 2 years.

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We were lucky enough to be chosen by CNN to redesign their site. For me, it was an honor and a career defining project—it's the greatest news site in the world. And millions of people use the site every day.

We had a lot of fun and worked very closely with CNN's senior leadership. We created all the most important templates you still see today on CNN, most notably the article page and the video player. We also introduced the iconic red bar with the logo centralized, killing the ".com". So it's not It's CNN.

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Itaú is the largest bank in the southern hemisphere and, needless to say, a really big deal in Brazil. It was our founding client for the office, and we couldn't have asked for a better opportunity and partnership.

I was personally excited not only as a n Itaú client for more than 10 years, but for the impact that we could cause in people's lives. If we did this right, we could actually help 20% of Brazil's population organize their finances better and have more prosperous lives.

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Design para a Internet was published in 2005.

The book is basically about UX and was published in Portuguese only by Elsevier. It ended up becoming very popular and it somehow influenced a generation of designers in Brazil. I wrote it in one month almost without sleeping. I was 26 at the time. Some links in Portuguese:


I try to focus most of my time in making things. But sometimes I do give talks - once or twice a year. Send me an email if you want me to speak at your event. Past experience:

  • Design Thinkers, Toronto
  • Future of Storytelling, Brooklyn
  • UX Awards, San Francisco
  • WOB, Wide Open Business, Rio de Janeiro
  • NYC UXPA, Brooklyn
  • 3° EBAI, São Paulo
  • World Usability Day, Rio de Janeiro
  • II Encart, Londrina
  • 11° Encontro de Web Design, Rio de Janeiro
  • III Fórum de Design, Manaus
  • iMasters InterCon, São Paulo
  • ECCE-12, York
  • 3° USIHC, Rio de Janeiro
  • 2° USIHC, Rio de Janeiro


Masters Dissertation

I sometimes joke I'm the world's greatest specialist in Breadcrumbs. That was the theme of my thesis. Do they work or not? The answer: only if people are really lost. But if people find their way via other methods, breadcrumbs are completely useless. The thesis is in Portuguese only.

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